Acrylic Bathroom Solutions

Are you looking for a affordable, clean, maintenance free bathroom remodeling option? A great solution is acrylic bathroom options. Bath tub & Shower liners customized to fit your existing bath tub or shower base. Beautiful acrylic wall options made to look like stone or tile with the benefit of not having to clean the grout and maintenance involved with using tile or stone. The acrylic option is not only beautiful but carries a lifetime warranty from peeling, cracking, discoloration, and has a built in mold resistant Silver Shield protection to help eliminate mold or mildew. Acrylic bath solutions virtually eliminates maintenance.

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Quality Design Renovations (QDR) offers customizable options to fit your existing bath tub or shower and create a liner to fit. The acrylic is a high quality thick product that will last a lifetime. This option turns your existing bath tub or shower into a new, shiny, maintenance free, beautiful product. This options cuts a 3-4 day install into 1 day so your saving on all of that labor time, and cost.

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QDR has a wide range of options for acrylic wall surrounds. Stunning colors and Simulated tile and stone finishes that will give you the look of high priced tile or stone products at an affordable price point. Did I mention maintenance free? Our wall surrounds are a 3 piece wall system that can fit into any shower or bath tub alcove. Do you have a window inside of your bath or shower? QDR offers an acrylic window kit that will eliminate the wood window trim that will soak the water in and seep into and behind your walls and cause water damage.


  • Low maintenance
  • Mold & Mildew resistant
  • Simulated tile surrounds
  • 3 piece customizable sizing
  • Window trim kit
  • Acrylic matching accessories – corner caddies, soap dishes, and shower seats